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Shampoo and Shower Bar

Shampoo and Shower Bar
Coconut, especially great for dry, damaged hair
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Shampoo and Shower Bars
By Sheepish Grins

Sheepish Grins Shampoo and Shower Bars are a very gentle, moisturizing and conditioning shampoo, body wash, and shave bar. 

The regular version is laced with Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Wheat Protein, Panthenol plus powerful conditioners to leave your hair soft, shiny and full of body.

*There are also vegan and gluten free versions available.

Gluten free:
Both the silk protein and the quinoa protein versions are gluten free.  These versions are extremely gentle and luxurious for your hair and body.

Vegan free:

The vegan free Shampoo and Body Bar are created with quinoa protein.  These bars are as gentle and nourishing to your hair and body as the original version.

The Shampoo and Body Bars create piles of lather when rubbed into a bath pouf for a delightful, all-over creamy body wash.

Lather onto your legs, underarms and bikini line for a perfect, gentle shave!

Why buy Sheepish Grin Shampoo and Shower Bars? 

·         One bar can last up to 50 shampoos

·         Convenient for travel, camping, going to the gym

·         SLS Free!

·         Natural colours using mica.  Mica is a mineral with a layered structure, found as minute scales in granite and other rocks, or as crystals.

·         Gluten free and Vegan free versions available!

·         Contains natural conditioners, extracts and moisturizers not found in other shower bars

·         Reduce plastic waste!  No plastic containers, leaving a lighter eco-footprint. 

·         Wrapped in biodegradable wrap that is corn based.

Dry hair?  No worries.  You will want to select the Coconut Shampoo and Shower Bar or Oatmeal Honey Shampoo and Shower Bar.  Both of these provide extra nourishment for dry and damaged hair.  The Coconut version has the extra conditioning power of Shea and Cocoa Butter, leaving your hair nourished and soft!  The Oatmeal Honey pulls in moisture, adds shine, and helps with dry, itchy scalp, while smoothing and softening your hair!

Oily hair?  We've got that covered too!  The Lemon Shampoo and Shower Bar is ideal for an oil scalp.  Lemon oil is also a powerful hair refresher.  many people use lemon oil to get strong, healthy and shiny hair.  Lemon can also help to eliminate dandruff. 

Cradle cap?  Dandruff?  Eczema? You will want to check out the Oatmeal Honey version!  This version is gentle, yet nourishing and helps to heal and soothe the scalp, while leaving hair soft, shiny and nourished.

Shampoo: Wet in your hands under running water and then stroke the bar through your wet hair until all is nice and sudsy. A little goes a long way! Rinse clean.

Shower: For a luxurious body wash, massage the bar into a bath pouf to create a thick lather.

Shave: Rub onto skin until a nice lather is achieved. Shave and rinse as usual.


Ingredients: Sodium Coco Sulfate, BTMS-25 or 50 Emulsifying Conditioner, Coconut, Cetyl alcohol, Water, Lemon Essential Oil, Argan, DL-Panthenol, Wheat Protein

About some of our ingredients:

·        Sodium Coco-Sulfate - Unlike similar surfactants, Sodium Coco-Sullfate is made exclusively from Coconut Oil and is the main ingredient in these shampoo bars. Known for being extremely gentle; it is used in baby cleansers, personal hygiene products and toiletries. Easily provides piles of a delightfully thick and gentle foam and leaves hair very soft, clean and shiny.

·        BTMS € 50: Provides excellent conditioning to your shampoo bars.

·        Coconut Oil is rich in fatty acids that nourish and moisturize the scalp and hair.

·        Argan makes hair softer, silkier and shinier

·        Cetyl Alcohol: Not to be confused with the drying Isopropyl or denatured alcohol, this gentle emollient is a fatty alcohol and is well known to soften and moisturize skin and hair.

·        Hydrolyzed Protein: Silk, Quinoa or Wheat. Improves hair elasticity, moisture and strength and also helps to repair damage. (Silk is vegan friendly; Silk and Quinoa are gluten free)

·        Panthenol is a common ingredient that is found in a number of hair and skin products because of its ability to attract moisture and build healthier hair. This ingredient is a provitamin of B5.

You will definitely want to pair this luxurious shampoo bar with Solid Hair Conditioner Bars by Sheepish Grins .      Natural goodness at its finest!  Your hair will thank you for getting rid of all of the harmful chemicals and build up.  Our earth, streams and health will thank you for eliminating even more plastic that comes with traditional shampoo! 
Customer Reviews
Shampoo bar
  Lathers so nicely and smells great! I love how clean my hair feels after - I can even go an extra day between washes compared to my old supermarket products! I love it!
  Reviewed by:  Haylee Robert from Edmonton. on 1/2/2019
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