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Routine Deodorant

Routine Deodorant
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Routine Deodorant

Routine is an incredibly effective natural deodorant! Fresh on the market and wildly popular, Routine is ethically crafted with the health of our planet as priority, and is manufactured in Canada.  

Routine has a deodorant for every body type and scent preference including 
unscented and for sensitive skin. Routine deodorants use only clean and wholesome ingredients. No aluminum zirconium, aluminum chlorohydrate, parabens, triclosan, or propylene glycol.

Routine is applied in the same way as any other lotion. Each jar last 3-6 months with regular use (shelf life is 12 months). 

Best for Sensitive Skin:
Routine's new baking soda free natural deodorant line up is here!

Of course, we have to give our good pal baking soda credit. It is an amazing natural product, deodorizer and the star of our original well-loved formulas (which will always be available). The thing is, baking soda is alkaline and for some people, at certain times, it can throw off their pH balance, in turn causing skin sensitives. This is why, for our friends with sensitive skin, we have created four new deodorants (The Curator, and baking soda free: Sexy Sadie, Johnny's Cash, Blackberry Betty) in which baking soda is replaced with dietary magnesium - a mineral that if you're not getting enough of, can cause your sweat to smell worse! As it happens, topically, magnesium works like a charm and makes our new formula just as effective as the original routine. Another benefit of magnesium: it aids in relaxing the armpits, which in turn, fends off those woeful stress sweats! Did we mention you can use this routine on cuts, scrapes, and wherever else you need external calming or deodorizing? SUPERSTAR is also for sensitive skin with only a touch of baking soda for added deodorizing- just enough to keep most sensitive skinned people from getting irritation.? It contains activated charcoal to detoxify and neutralize pH, magnesium to reduce stress sweats, and prebiotics to keep your skin healthy. Magnesium is a front-runner in the health and wellness world and we're excited to help you get your daily dose!  If you've purchased an original formula but think you might have extra sensitive armpits, 


How much should I use?

With routine, less is more. We suggest trying a pea sized amount as this is adequate for the majority of people. Try this amount and increase or decrease based on how it works for you. 


What's the best one if I'm supa stinky!

Choose Like a Boss or SUPERSTAR - our newest formula which combines dietary magnesium, activated charcoal, prebiotics, and a touch of baking soda (a dose so low it dose not cause irritation in sensitive skin types).

Can children use routine?

Yes! Kids love routine and can choose whichever scent they gravitate towards. The three scents that we would recommend for kids are Bonnie n Clyde (unscented) Sweet Jane and Blackberry Betty - flavoured with organic, natural and delicious (they are even edible!) flavour oils. Our flavour oils come from Nature's Flavors based out of California, their website has great information: www.naturesflavors.comThese oils are the same products organic candies are flavoured with.


Do you make unscented?

Yes, Bonnie n Clyde is unscented.

 Do you make a vegan formula?

Sure do!  Sexy Sadie, Lucy in the Sky, or Johnnyís Cash are 100% vegan (all other scents contain beeswax).  The beeswax we use is local and ethical from Nixon Honey in Innisafail, Alberta.  We also donate a % of sales back to the bees.

Do you have gluten free options?
Yes! All 12 scents are gluten free.

Is your baking soda aluminum free?

Yes!  Baking soda, also called sodium bicarbonate, (we use Bobís Red Mill), has never contained aluminum.  It is baking powders that sometimes contain aluminum, and thus labels should be read carefully when purchasing that product.  Some brands have started labelling baking soda as aluminum free, however it is more of a marketing strategy.  This has misled many people into thinking baking soda contains aluminum which is simply untrue.


Iím Pregnant / or Breastfeeding

Blackberry Betty, Sweet Jane and Bonnie n Clyde (unscented) were formulated for pregnant and breastfeeding women, as they contain no essential oils. They are instead scented with natural and organic (and even edible!) flavour oils. While we believe our other scents are safe as all ingredients are researched, properly diluted and not in a therapeutic dose range, we recommend pregnant and breastfeeding women contact their primary care provider before using any herb or essential oil.


Iím a heavy sweater.  What do you recommend?

This is very much a question of personal preference.  All five formulas control odour for the majority of our clients, however, we want you to find the perfect signature routine for you- that's why we have so many options. 

 For heavy sweating we recommend you choose a scent in the clay (bird) or beeswax and clay (wolf) formula as the clay naturally absorbs sweat.  You will swat a little as the clay is not bioavailable so it absorbs sweat topically, not into your body.  We think this is healthy!


Why are there animals on your jars?
Honestly, because when we started our company, we thought it would be fun to  put a bird on it. Then, the other formulas were created. Bee= beeswax, Wolf=mighty. Bird = Vegan (no beeswax), Star = Charcoal. Slightly confusing, but cute none the less!


Additional Information: 
Several of our products are scented with organic, natural and delicious (they are even edible!) flavour oils. 
Our flavour oils come from Nature's Flavors based out of California, their website has great information: These oils are the same products organic candies are flavoured with. 

Clay & Beeswax Formula - WITH Baking Soda {wolf}

Like a Boss, Sweet Jane, Napoleonís Dynamite, Bonita Applebom, A Girl Named Sue

         Clay naturally absorbs sweat

         Consistency does not vary as beeswax acts as stabilizer (beeswax is from Alberta's own Nixon Honey)

         Creamiest consistency

         Like a Boss: our strongest formula yet

         A Girl Named Sue: sensitive skin formula (contains half the baking soda), see below for extra-sensitive baking soda free scents.


Vegan Clay Formula. {bird}

Sexy Sadie, Lucy in the Sky, Johnnyís Cash

         Original vegan formula (does not contain beeswax)

         Consistency varies with temperature changes (becomes very soft in hot weather, hard in cold weather but is always effective)

         Clay naturally absorbs sweat 


Beeswax Formula .{bee}

Blackberry Betty, Maggieís Citrus Farm, Bonnie ní Clyde (unscented)

         Consistency does not vary as beeswax acts as natural stabilizer (beeswax is from Alberta's own Nixon Honey)

         Scented with edible, organic flavor oils 

         The ommision of clay lends itself to a sweet, less earthy scent


Clay & Beeswax Formula - WITHOUT Baking Soda, Extra-Sensitive  {wolf}

The Curator, Baking Soda Free Blackberry Betty, Baking Soda Free Sexy Sadie, Baking Soda Free Johnny's Cash

         Clay naturally absorbs sweat

         Consistency does not vary as beeswax acts as stabilizer (beeswax is from Alberta's own Nixon Honey)

         Creamiest consistency

         While baking soda is not harmful, some people do have a sensitivity to baking soda as it is more alkaline than our bodies and can throw some people's pH levels off at certain times, resulting in skin sensitivities. The baking soda has been replaced with dietary magnesium and works just as effectively as our original formulas! Many people are deficient in magnesium and a lack of magnesium can cause sweat to be stinkier! Using magnesium topically is highly effective!

Customer Reviews
BEST deodorant--even for heavy sweating
  I have hyperhidrosis and I've tried everything--crystal rock sticks, prescription liquid antiperspirant, overnight deodorants, even botox. I eventually turned to a homemade mix as it's healthier for my body, and then I found Routine. It works like nothing else ever has, and I love that it has ingredients that aren't toxic or unhealthy for your body. I barely break a sweat when I wear Routine (Blackberry Betty), and I'll never use any other deodorant again.
  Reviewed by:  whitney Exton-Burwash from sherwood park. on 9/11/2018
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