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About Us
cloth diapers LangleyThe Little Monkey Store is an online cloth diaper store based out of our storefront at 4 Blackfoot Road, Sherwood Park Alberta.Edmonton / Sherwood Park area, Alberta, Canada offering quality cloth diapers and accessories; natural parenting products; natural skin and bath care; healthier choices for reusable snack and lunch containers; car seats; high chairs; mama products and so much more!

We believe choosing products for parenting and for the whole family will help you to move toward a more eco-conscious lifestyle one step at a time. Our products are environmentally friendly, budget-conscious, and let's face it the cloth diapers look absolutely adorable on your Little Monkey's squishy bum!
It's our mission to make sure your Little Monkey has the driest but also cutest bum. To ensure this, we test every brand and product on our very own Little Monkeys. We also provide the resources and expertise to help you choose the right cloth diapers and accessories for your family. We're not happy until you're satisfied and your Little Monkey's bum is dry and happy!

I have over 28 years of personal experience with cloth diapering as my oldest biological child was my first in cloth diapers, back in the day of the big flats folded like kites with pins to close them and rubber pants over top of these!!!  Oh how I appreciate the advances and ease of modern day cloth diapering where there is no folding "kites" and using pins!  Of course, this is still a very affordable option to those that choose this method!  There are amazing options for every budget, every size of baby, and even potty learning solutions that will help you to transition your baby through from diapering to underwear!
Throughout the years I have cloth diapered my own children as well as our twenty two foster babies!  So when I give you my assurance that I will be here to support you with your new cloth diapering journey, please rest assured that I have the experience and knowledge that will ensure you receive the very best support to make this a successful adventure! 

All products that we carry are brought in with a great deal of thought and are tested by ourselves and people we choose to assist us in testing and feedback.  Many of the items we carry are initially brought in to test as a result of customer request or suggestion!  We love this about our customers as they have played such a huge role in bringing in the very best loved items for the whole family!!! 

The Little Monkey Story

Throughout the years with our Little Monkeys, we were interested in the financial and environmental benefits of cloth diapers. We didn't want to spend thousands of dollars on disposable diapers and was concerned about diapers needing 500 years to break down in garbage dumps.

But choosing to use cloth diapers meant a great number of choices and options - where do we start? What type of diapers would work best for us prefold, pocket, or fitted? How do you wash them? What do we do when we go out? What diaper accessories do we need?

 We make choosing to use cloth diapers easy and fun by providing only the best products and ensuring you can get EVERYTHING you need right here. Wet bags, cloth diaper linersand cloth diaper rental kits it's all here. Check back often, as we are constantly adding new productsto our inventory.


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During this adventure of growing my original business, ANB Inspired Beginnings (formerly known as All Natural Babies), we have expanded beyond cloth diapers and infant lines to provide the highest quality eco-friendly items for the whole family.  Our hope is that we will continue to expand in this area throughout the coming years as well!  We love our customers and look forward to helping your family grow along with us by becoming more eco-aware and one step at a time, making changes that will benefit you, your family, and our wonderful planet, Earth!

* Edmonton * Sherwood Park* Fort Saskatchewan * Leduc * Spruce Grove * Stony Plain * Calmar * Devon * Bon Accord* Gibbons * Tofield * Camrose* Red Deer* and so many other locations!
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